A success story
that starts in Italy and travels through the world.
Craftsmanship and passion have been part of Mazzini Moda's DNA since 1962, the year when this Florentine company was born. These two strong connotations, together with great attention to detail and a strongly innovative bent, made Mazzini into a brand, at once: the bags and accessories from the San Donato facility in Italy are admired and bought throughout the world. When we talk of San Donato in Poggio, the place where Mazzini still has its headquarters in Italy, its strong link with the area and its constant care for its surroundings cannot be overemphasised because they have always been the basis for the way the company works. In addition to the San Donato facility, there will soon be a facility in the heart of Florence's leather-making district, in Scandicci, so as to increase flexibility and efficiency in relation to "scheduling", the essential requirements for maintaining high competitiveness. In 2004, Mazzini was acquired by ADDI GROUP, an important Tuscan player in the leather goods industry. The acquisition was a turning point that gave Mazzini an even wider reach: a company that was capable of bringing Tuscan leather-making tradition and expertise to the entire world. In 2009, Mazzini attracted the interest of the German MIRORADICI group, which obtained a shareholding. Today, Mazzini Moda consists of interlocutors who are experts of the sector, with the wish to innovate and grow and are capable of responding to the market promptly and consistently. A success story that starts in Italy and travels through the world.
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